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Hello, I'm Paul. I'm a designer who also builds design & technology organizations. This is a collection of my
projects and thoughts on all things products, spaces, and cities. Reach out to learn more. 

About Me


I lead design at Intersection. I apply design methods and technology to solve human, business, and civic problems. These solutions take shape in digital products, services, and physical spaces. Many of which have led to successful projects, strong organizations, some awards, and an acquisition by Sidewalk Labs (Alphabet).


I enjoying writing, speaking, and teaching about the impact that strategic design / experience design has on our relationship with technology, spaces, and cities. I’m an adjunct professor in Pratt’s Graduate Design Management Program and SVA’s Interaction Design MFA Program. In addition, I serve as on the Board of Directors Society of Experiential Graphics Designers (SEGD) and UA Maker Academy.



I try to understand people in their spaces – to view them not just through their words, but through their actions and their artifacts, witnessing what they do, the tools they use, the things they choose, reflect (or don’t) their stated values. This learning will let me represent the individual in the design, to put aside any assumptions or biases.


Solutions take shape through idea generation exercises, distillation techniques, narrative storytelling, and visual renderings. These explorations may happen in cycles as valuable solutions and strategies are refined. Concepts are articulated at a higher level to get feedback quickly.


The only true way to tell if an idea might work is by making it. This methodology is predicated on evaluation of usage with people, which is critical to discover what concepts are promising and worth pursuing. In order to do this, I produce quick proofs of concept – in various different media, and put these in front of people to validate our initial assumptions.

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