Using design methods and the potential of technology to shape better outcomes for people

Hello, I'm Paul. I design services, spaces and organizations. This is a collection of my projects and thoughts (including how we might use these skills to return from COVID19). Scroll down to learn more and reach out to collaborate.


Over two decades of designing innovative technology and leading Design Orgs.

Designing everything from consumer apps to SaaS platforms and innovative services. I have a refined practice of planning, research, concept and specifications development that can adapt to start-ups or established companies.

0/02 — Digital
0/03 — Spaces

The places and cities we occupy have been tranformed by technology

The world around us needs new methods to solve wicked problems

I have adapted my methods as assignemnts scaled to included physical spaces and public utilities.


In order to realize any idea, a great deal happens behind the scenes.

What an end user expierences is the result of many activities, workshops, and influence.

0/04 — Strategy
0/05 — Thoughts

Well tell me how you really feel

As most of you know, projects tend to leave a lot of ideas on the cutting room floor. Here's how I channeled this into published work, speaking engagments and rambleing notes.