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Arup was commissioned by Google to help define a vision and playbook for digital buildings As a purpose-driven technology company, Alphabet understand the potential of digital innovation to improve people's lives. However, application of this to a global portfolio of buildings we occupy is still being defined. I led efforts to for the vision to align global teams around how to think about digital buildings, how to efficiently apply best practices to all current and future spaces, and where we need to mobilise our respective teams to reach our goals. Regardless of role or experience with Digital Building technology, the Digital Building Strategy & Guide can help your projects and teams. We collected learnings from past projects, stakeholder interviews, research efforts, and workshops. As more projects across the organisation reference this Guide, we will better align on terminology, methods and common ways to share knowledge.

By doing so, Digital Building technology and various stakeholders who utilise these services, can help achieve our ambitious sustainability goals and enhance the productivity and wellbeing of all occupants, whilst ensuring highest standards of cyber security. As our global organisation evolves, our digital strategy will also support changing ways of working and enable a more responsive and user-centric workplace to emerge. Intended audience for this document are PEs & PM delivery teams (including Digital Building Consultants), REWS FMs, Google Service Lines and stakeholder teams.

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Key Facts

The client was about to open mulitple new glopbal new sites.


Insights generated from stakeholder interviews with leadership and curators.

Observational user research of museum visitors and shadowing of front-of- house staff.

Delivery of ethnographic insights and a platform-approach to user experience strategy.

Identification of user experience intervention opportunities and concepts.

“This Guide will provide definition and guidance for teams involved in the delivery and future operation of Google Digital Buildings .”
Client Executive

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