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Arup Digital Studio was commissioned by the V&A to produce an ini- tial user experience strategy for the organisation, with an initial focus on V&A East. Taking a design-led approach, the Arup team conducted initial user research to uncover insights into how the user experience of the V&A might be understood, framed and developed. These insights stimulated concept designs for user experiences that will unlock new interactions for visitors, staff and partners, move the organisation’s practice forwards, and creatively inform the new building projects.

Co-developed with V&A teams in workshops, the concept designs make manifest some ‘next generation’ digital/physical user experiences which could nonetheless be delivered near term.

A new platform strategy has been sketched out, which ensures that any prototyping of the concepts across the V&A group, or further design development as part of the V&A East architecture projects, is manage- able, effective, scalable and can deliver across the organisation. It is a way of devising and delivering diverse, inventive touchpoints for par- ticular local contexts, whilst also ensuring that digital capacity is being nurtured and refined across the organisation.

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Key Facts

The V&A is about to open three new sites and move the majority of the collection into a new public-facing home. This transition is likely to create new audiences and new formats.


Insights generated from stakeholder interviews with leadership and curators.

Observational user research of museum visitors and shadowing of front-of- house staff.

Delivery of ethnographic insights and a platform-approach to user experience strategy.

Identification of user experience intervention opportunities and concepts.

“I put on whatever music my mood is in, matching what I see [in the galleries], and I wander.”
Laura - Frequent V&A Visitor

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